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The City Walls Patient Participation Group (PPG) is comprised of a small group of patients who have volunteered to help Surgery staff to better understand the needs and aspirations of the patients.

This is achieved in a number of ways, with members of the PPG working with Surgery staff on various initiatives to provide solutions to possible areas of concern, in addition to attending formal quarterly meetings with Surgery management to discuss ways in which we can improve the Patient experience.

With such a large patient population (approximately 16,500 patients) we feel it necessary to reach out to a wider group of patients to more accurately represent the views and requirements of such a large group.

However, we do recognise that many of our patients are unable to attend formal meetings at the Surgery, but would welcome the opportunity to contribute to discussions and actions being taken to improve services offered by the Practice.

To this end, we have introduced the concept of a Virtual Patient Participation Group (vPPG). Joining this group will enable all patients to “Have their say” on how the Practice delivers healthcare.

It will also enable the parent PPG and Practice management to receive comments and suggestions from a much larger patient group and those with specific complex issues.

All vPPG members will receive copies of formal PPG meetings in addition to receiving information and progress reports on new initiatives and patient suggestions.

Communications to and from vPPG members will be by e-mail.

Joining the vPPG will be your platform for contributing to further improvements in the services offered to patients and we would welcome any comments/suggestions you may have. You may contribute as little or as much as you wish – the vPPG is your platform.

Should you wish to participate, please click here to complete the Sign Up Form.