Clinics & Services

The practice offers the following clinics and services to its patients:

For more information about our clinics & services, please see the following section:

Antenatal Clinic (click to view)

Blood Pressure Monitoring (click to view)

Blood Tests (click to view)

Cervical Smear Tests (click to view)

Child Immunisations (click to view)

Child Surveillance (click to view)

Contraception & Sexual Health Clinic (click to view)

Counselling (click to view)

Diabetic Clinic (click to view)

Ear Syringes (click to view)

Joint Injections (click to view)

Medication Reviews (click to view)

Minor Illness Clinic (click to view)

Minor Surgery Clinic (click to view)

NHS Health Checks (click to view)

Patient Medical Examinations (click to view)

Travel Advice & Immunisations Clinic (click to view)

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