Continuity of Care

At the heart of general practice is the relationship GPs/Nurses have with their patients. Patients want personalised care from a GP/Nurse they know and who knows them.

In order to achieve the above the City Walls Medical Centre has started implementing a Continuity of Care strategy as follows:

If your clinician feels you would benefit from Continuity of Care they can discuss this with you and record this on your notes in order to alert the reception staff when an appointment is made.

The receptionist should ideally then book you an appointment with the GP/Nurse who has requested the Continuity of Care. Sometimes it may be impossible (e.g. due to sickness or holiday) for one GP/Nurse to see you for your needs. However, the GP/Nurse will be able to offer you a team of clinicians who will be familiar with your care requirements to enable ongoing Continuity of Care.

In many cases, Continuity of Care may only be needed for a particular episode of care but this again can be discussed with the relevant GP/Nurse.

Also, currently, all acute/emergency appointments will still need to be booked into our “on the day” clinic with the duty clinicians.

Update: September 2017

Since introducing Continuity of Care 3 months ago, we currently have 25 patients on the register who are benefitting from this initiative.

If you feel you would benefit from Continuity of Care, please feel free to ask your Doctor or Nurse at your next review.

Update: October 2017

The Continuity of Care strategy is progressing well and patients now have the option to discuss this initiative with their clinician to see if they are suitable or would benefit.

We now have 50 patients on the register. Please feel free to speak to your Doctor or Nurse.