SilverCloud Health – Digital Mental Health Platform

Western Cheshire IAPT Self-Referral

Great News… Individuals over the age of 16yrs registered with a Western Cheshire GP can now self-referral to the IAPT service through the SilverCloud online programme for anxiety and depression.

What is SilverCloud:

  • SilverCloud self-referral offers secure, immediate access to online supported CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes that are tailored to individual specific needs.
  • The programme consists of evidence-based interventions including;
    activities and concepts from mindfulness, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) all recognised to have a positive impact on low mood and anxiety.
  • It is interactive, flexible and available 24/7, online via a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The SilverCloud programme is used entirely at the individuals own pace and to fit in with busy schedules.
  • These programmes have demonstrated high improvement rates for depression and anxiety.

The benefits of SilverCloud are:

  • Accessibility – The programme is designed to be able to use whenever and where ever you are e.g. lunch breaks, on the bus, in the evening etc.
  • Flexibility – no fixed or rigid appointments allowing you to set your own pace.
  • Easy to use – interactive tools make our experience interesting and motivational
  • Supported – your supporter will be able to log on, view your progress, answer any questions you may have and be able to give you additional information, feedback and guidance on things to help you manage your mood better.

How it works:

  • SilverCloud enables people to access the same quality therapy online, as they would meeting with a therapist face to face.
  • The programmes consist of seven to eight modules which are completed a pace to suit the individual and in their own time. The goal of each module is to provide information and helpful techniques and support the individual to apply them in their day-to-day life.
  • Individuals are supported through the programme by a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). The supporter monitors and reviews progress, provides feedback and guidance and will encourage individuals in order to support their journey through the programme.
  • We will usually offer you 4-6 reviews depending on an individual’s progress. Online reviews usually happen fortnightly to provide the chance for skills learnt to be practiced.
  • Most people complete the programme between 6- 12 weeks. Once you have finished your reviews with your supporter, you will continue to have access to SilverCloud for a further 9 months should you need a recap on the tools and techniques you have learnt.

Who Is It for?

  • SilverCloud self-referral is available to people over 16yrs who are registered with a Western Cheshire GP and not currently receiving help from another MH service.
  • It is designed to help individuals suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression or a mixture of both. and is designed to be able to fit in with your lifestyle.

How to Self-refer

To self- refer individuals will need to complete the forms and questionnaires on either of the following links:

Self-Referral secure web address:


via CWP IAPT Web page:

Western Cheshire IAPT
Clinical Lead Janet Foster – 01244 397575
Assistant Clinical lead Amanda – 01244 397575
Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Psychology Department
Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road