Covid Booster (Pfizer) Vaccination Appointments

Current NHS guidance states that patients will need to be 6 months post their second Covid vaccination before they can be given their Covid Booster vaccination. This means that the number of patients eligible for both their Flu and Covid Booster vaccinations in our Saturday clinics will be extremely low. Because of this, we have made the decision to only administer the Flu vaccination during our Saturday clinics.

Over 50’s

We have added clinics for the Covid Booster Vaccination appointments onto our SimplyBook website. Please follow the ”Covid Booster or 3rd Dose – Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination Service – City Walls Medical Centre” option to find these.

Please do not book a booster vaccination for less than 6 months since your second vaccination.

Immunosuppressed or Immunosuppresed After 1st/2nd Covid Vaccination

For those patients who are immunosuppressed or have become immunosuppressed since their first or second dose, you can have a third dose of the Covid vaccine at least 8 weeks post your second vaccination. You will then be offered a booster vaccine 6 months post your third dose.

Please also use the ‘’ Covid Booster or 3rd Dose – Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccination Service – City Walls Medical Centre’’ option to find an appointment bearing in mind it will need to be 8 weeks after your second vaccination.

The Simply Book website:

Please only contact the reception team if you are struggling to make an appointment as our phone lines are extremely busy.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing patience.